Cross-border Startup Salad

– Sharing Guests from Shenzhen and Hong Kong

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Startups from Hong Kong won’t give up the high growing market of mainland China. Startups from Shenzhen are also looking for the opportunities to grow in a more international environment. As long as we can share the experience and culture difference, it will be a perfect match!

Guest Speakers:

Hellena hu, senior director from Tencent Open Platform, direcor of  Tencent Coworking Space, co-founder of Changqingteng Startup Camp. Her books 《互联网+创业相对论》and《互联网创业密码》are great guide for startups doing business via Internet.

Paul, CTO of popular photo editing App FaceQ( previous App version named Lianmeng)

Some local guests from Hong Kong will also sharing their insights about cross-border business.

Hopefully we can provide a platform to help startups to communicate, to share, to work together!

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Ricardo and his project Gather Up –the winner of Startup Salad Hong Kong July 2015

GatherUp is a cross-platform App, which adds media streaming together with chatting. With GatherUp, friends can listen to music and watch videos together in real-time, through a collaborative radio experience.


The founder of GatherUp is Ricardo Freitas. He is from Portugal, wrote his master in Software Usability at Cambridge University and lives now in Shenzhen.

“The idea is actually quite old. It started when I was back in college.” Ricardo says. “Back then I was coding a lot together with my friends. While coding we used to have music sharing sessions. Everybody could play a song for the entire group to listen, when one song ended, the next person could play a new one. This would create a chain of inspiration that would lead to some pretty nice music discoveries. Some of my favorite artist were discovered this way. The whole experience also created a bond between us. We were sharing a part of us, our musical taste.”

gatherup solution

He came to Startup Salad to meet up new people, pitch his idea, build a prototype and lastly show it. He came out with a prize, invaluable feedback and a new sense of direction.

“The Startup Salad Hong Kong was a great experience, it allowed me to focus on the most important part of my pitch, the prototype. Actions speak louder than words, and action I so did.”


After the event, he is still working on the project, and formed a team with some close friends. GatherUp is still under internal testing, so let’s wait eagerly for its release!

Startup Salad HK Final Presentation Intro 香港创业沙拉周日晚上路演项目顺序以及介绍

Startup Salad HK Final Presentation Intro 香港创业沙拉周日晚上路演项目顺序以及介绍

2015-07-12 创业沙拉StartupSalad
HK | Startup Salad Final Pitch Intro

以下是【香港創業沙拉Startup Salad HK】,周日(July,12th)最終路演出場順序以及项目介紹,請各位客官Look!

Tonight’s pitching line up for 16 awesome startup ideas is about to begin.

1. Rapid Cancer Indicator Test- Candy Ho


2. Sport-on!—Teamleader: Rudy Chan


3. 借火——Teamleader: Candy Chhen

这是一款社交软件 用户人群:3.2亿烟民 App功能: gps定位附近烟民 自由邀约抽烟社交 3_jiehuo

4. 智能充电亭Solar Box-Teamleader: Allen Wang

智能充电亭/在你休闲和候车的时候帮你手机无线充电 痛点:用太阳能解决人们的充电难题、节约能源、减少污染; 解决方案:设计制造出一个用太阳能来充电并装有wifi信号的太阳能充电亭; 创新:应用无线充电技术 4_solarbox1 4_solarbox2

5. Tapon—Teamleader: John 廖云鹏


6. 约行 Accompany—Teamleader: Steve


7. 魔衣橱 Wardrobe·E—Teamleader: Vivienne


8. SPromise—Teamleader: Gem


9. 宝贝在哪——Teamleader: Belinda


10. US帮帮带——Teamleader: 杨卫


11. 男搭——Teamleader: 李囧囧


12. Art 一点—Teamleader: 童潞谣

通过互联网+智能终端APP实现 – 线上艺术品真品限时拍卖、爱好者互动论坛、3D虚拟展厅、移动端的博物馆导览,让艺术触手可得。


13. 行者 行走—Teamleader: Alex Wang

想去好玩欢乐的青旅却不认识路?想吃地道的当地美食却不认识人?“行者·行走”,给你一个独特旅行体验。 Experience life, experience culture, Trastel. 13_trastel

14. 爱车档案—Teamleader: 苏子腾

需求方在爱车档案上输入车辆品牌及车架号,发布任务并在线支付。系统根据不同品牌将任务推送给该品牌所有信息查询人员,信息查询人以抢单方式接受该任务。查询完毕后以上传查询结果并反馈给需求发布者。需求方可对信息完整性及响应速度给予评价,并确认,任务结束,系统自动将酬金支付到信息提供者钱包。 14_aichedangan

15. Lucki Roomie-Teamleader: Cindy Shao

Team Member: Cindy Shao, Melissa Guo, Ben C Team Name: LuckieRoomie Project Summary: Create a website, where users can find perfect roommate easily Product Picture:



16. GatherUp-Teamleader: Ricardo Freitas
  • Cross platform app
  • Enhanced chat with media streaming capabilities
  • Friend scan listen to music and watch videos together in real time, through a collaborative radio experience.


Mentors for Startup Salad Hong Kong Event (still updating)

Hongbo XU – Founder of Innovalley, one of the best incubator in China for Mobile Interent. CEO of Chuangba funding.

Freda Yao – Internet Marketing VP of Ping An Group

Jacky Huang – CEO of Innovation Lab of

Michael Eagleton – CII Innovation Strategist & FABAPC Founder

Waishun Lo – Adjunct Associate Professor of CUHK, co-founder of DL Capital

Jacky Leung – Senior Account Manager of Hong Kong. 8 years rich experience on ecommerce and online marketing

Andy Ann – Founder and Group CEO of NDN Group. Named one of the top 50 Chinese leaders across China alongside Li Ka Shing, Allen Zeman and others in 2012.

Henry Tan – Founder of SMF Capital

Benson Chiu – Founder & CEO of nBition Software Development

Nelson Chiu – Founder of nBition Software Development

Vincent Poon – Arist Inc

Frederick Yung –  Honorary Trainer of Hong Kong Business Angel Network

Keleven Ka-shing LIT – Director of Censpot Trading Corporation Limited

Yongqiang Deng– Chairman and Partner of Qianhai Houde Incubator

Jing Liang – Partner of Qianhai Houde Incubator, founder and executive director of Qianhai Dajia coffee

Liwen Chen – Associate professor of City University of Hong Kong; Founder of micro roadshow

More mentors will join. Still Updating…

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Startup Salad Hong Kong

Prize for Startup Salad Hong Kong Event (July 10~12 )

Win the Prize only within 52 hours:

  • 10,000 HKD Cash
  • DJI’s UAV
  • 3 Paperclip’s Part-Time Hotdesk memberships
  • Startup tools & services Package


There will be senior investors from both Mainland China and Hong Kong. If your idea is brilliant and your business is executable, your projects will likely to be invested. More than 20 projects from our past events have already raised money from investors.

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Startup Salad

Advantages for Hong Kong startups to connect with Shenzhen startups

Both Hong Kong and Shenzhen have great advantages to start a business. Hong Kong, an international city that can easily access to the overseas resources, has a sound financial system and a stable legal system to help you start and maintain the business. Shenzhen, with gathered talent engineering, economic hardware components, good supply chain and government support, is a good choice for startup business. Here in Shenzhen, startup is booming, startup communities are mature, incubators are supporting, as well as more chances to meet investors and raise money for business.

Startups from Hong Kong won’t give up the high growing market of mainland China. Startups from Shenzhen are also looking for the opportunities to grow in a more international environment. As long as we can share the experience and culture difference, it will be a perfect match!

Hopefully Startup Salad Hong Kong can provide such a platform to help these startups to communicate, to share, to work together!

Startup Salad

Who will join Startup Salad Hong Kong?

There will be balanced number of programmers, engineers, product managers, designers, marketers and operation professionals participate this joyful event. The participants will have worldwide nationality and background . During the event, serial entrepreneurs will be your team mentors working together with you for the project, and you will also get guidance from our general mentors and investors. What’s more, we also have mentors who will give advice to your pitching strategy.

At the final presentation night, we also invited media and investors to be the audience. If your idea is brilliant and your business is executable, your projects will likely to be invested. More than 20 projects from our past events have already raised money from investors.

“Thanks to Startup Salad, I have a better understanding of financing, and now I know how investors evaluates a business” – Ken, participant from our past Startup Salad events said so.

Startup Salad

Highlights of Startup Salad Hong Kong

Startup Salad Hong Kong is a special Startup Salad event which not only connects two cities – Hong Kong and Shenzhen, but also converges professionals from different culture  and background together. These passionate participants can work in same teams, brainstorming,  exchanging ideas, visions and resources, and then finally produce the team chemistry.

The culture mixture may generate more sparks and Startup Salad Hong Kong will help the participants have better understanding of the worldwide startup environment.

Startup Salad

What is Startup Salad?

Startup Salad is a decentralized, non-profitable, joyful event. Skillful and passionate people gather together during the weekend (52 hours, from Friday night to Sunday night), pitch their idea and form a Startup team to achieve a project breakthrough from 0 to 1.

In the event, hundreds of startup enthusiasts in role of programmers, product managers, designers and marketers will brainstorm the ideas and generate the prototype in 52 hours with teamwork.

Starting from Shenzhen, Startup Salad quickly spreads to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and is going to have more events in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Tianjin, Haikou, Guiyang, Vancouver, Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Taipei, San Francisco, Dalian, London, this year.